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Health is real wealth.   >>   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   >>   Before thirty, men seek disease; after thirty, disease seeks men.   >>   A healthy family is sacred territory   >>   Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.   >>   Enhancing wellbeing to live with dignity…its beyond generating income...   >>   Better education improves the nation   >>   Right education escorts to Right Living   >>   We care we share for the future we prepare.

Deepti Verma

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As an avid enthusiast in the field of healthcare, she graduated with a degree in biotechnology. After dedicating over 8 Years in the industry, motivated by a constant want of healthcare solutions suited to the diverse Indian geography with an equally diverse demography she went on to obtain MBA from one of the most sought after Universities in India. Since then she has been actively researching ‘out of the box’ strategies for better management of Healthcare services.

Being a young achiever along with a vast experience of over a decade. Deepti has been quite a leader who continues to drive & empower Swasthgram to achieve newer milestones in providing healthcare solutions for all.

Navin Prasad

Social Worker
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Navin Prasad is academically Masters in Life Sciences. After few years of research experience in the field of Rice, he devoted himself for social causes and has established himself as a renowned Social Worker, serving for over 25 years now. “Get the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time”. The above phrase is true to every single word and at same time equally convincing, which is where he is a perfect fit. My role and responsibilities as a facilitator, participant, coach, initiator, volunteer and a social worker, has not only triggered my curiosity to better grasp the strength and weaknesses of our society but also prepared me for new challenges, make change happen, seek and act on opportunities and improve and enhance the way we do things, to make this world a better place. Expert on affairs of the North Eastern states of India and the Union territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Laddhak , and has vast experience working in all the states in association with local charities in respective charities.

Sukhbir Singh

Project manager
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Bringing over 22 years of rich experience in NGO functionaries, govt. bodies & corporate working in development sector, Sukhbir Singh serves as an anchor for the organization. He is responsible for Project implementation in rural and urban areas. Swasthgram benefits from his wide experience in the area of liaisons for funding and transparent management of donations.

He brings innovative strategies to the table and has played a greater role in tackling the initial challenges of building inroads to provide last mile healthcare access by partnering successfully with local government & non-government bodies.

Dr. Namrata

Program Officer
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Starting her career as Project Manager for Community level breast cancer screening, she confronted Cancer in varied forms and how it affects her patients quite early on in her life. Having screened & educated over 30,000 females over a span of 3 years, this clinician turned Medical Activist continues to fight the menace of Cancer & the ignorance around it. Propelled to research further cures for cancer she did her Masters in Biomedical Research from ACBR, mentored by country’s top scientist fleet. An impactful public speaker & skillful clinician, she continues to work for the underserved with an undeterred spirit.


Chief Operations Officer
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Professionally trained in Laboratory Techniques, and always actively advancing his knowledge & skill base Rohit has literally grown with the organization. He brings to table an expertise of over 15 years in Lab operations & management. A consistent performer in all given conditions, his resourcefulness is an asset.

He has successfully proven and maintained quality & standards of our mobile lab on & off field which has been a mainstay of Swasthgram operations.

Dr.Uditi Wahi

Project Officer
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She started her career with the healthcare industry and pharmaceuticals. After gaining experience she did her executive MBA from symbiosis institute of management in the specialization of marketing. There after she started with branding and marketing related to products of healthcare. She has a experience of more than 7 yrs and has joined Swasthgram NGO as a project officer.

Pushpa Manidarshan

Chief Operations Officer
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Pushpa Manidarshan B.Com, MBA (finance) started her working career with a  Chartered Accountancy firm with audit and training professional. Moved to hospitality and then retail industry with great enthusiasm and excelled in every job assigned during the tenure. Currently working with Swasthgram as Finance Head having more than 13 years experience.

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