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Health is real wealth.   >>   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   >>   Before thirty, men seek disease; after thirty, disease seeks men.   >>   A healthy family is sacred territory   >>   Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.   >>   Enhancing wellbeing to live with dignity…its beyond generating income...   >>   Better education improves the nation   >>   Right education escorts to Right Living   >>   We care we share for the future we prepare.

Secret of the cure is Self Care

A young & healthy man Mr. Ashish Kumar aged 32; a resident of Pandav Nagar in Delhi got shocked by his Test reports.

In one of our preventive care medical camp conducted in Delhi, we came across this case where Mr. Ashish who seems to be very happy and healthy person was forced by his wife Meenakshi to give his blood sample in the camp. All vital blood tests were performed such as CBC, Glucose, LFT, KFT, Lipid and Urine Profile.

Ashish is a father of 2 small kids and was confident on his health parameters considering that he eats healthy and is following healthy lifestyle.

When test reports were out, he found to be high diabetic. His Glucose fasting levels were 284.1 mg/dl which is supposed to be in the range of 70 – 100 mg/dl. Although it was awful for Ashish & his family to know that he is diabetic and has to undergo medications but at the same time he was thankful to Swasthgram team for conducting the medical camp at the doorsteps where he could come with ease and got his tests done and came to know that he is diabetic before it becomes too late that it starts affecting his kidney & liver.

Ashish immediately took appointment with a physician and started his medications. He realized that he is fond of sweets which he started avoiding it completely and also joined gym for regular exercise.

Swasthgram came across many such cases every other day and we believe that Non- Communicable Diseases also called Lifestyle disease can be detected at the initial stages and the expenditure on the treatment could be avoided. This will result in colossal saving and would bring about a revolution in improving the health standards and longevity of our citizens.


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