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Health is real wealth.   >>   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   >>   Before thirty, men seek disease; after thirty, disease seeks men.   >>   A healthy family is sacred territory   >>   Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.   >>   Enhancing wellbeing to live with dignity…its beyond generating income...   >>   Better education improves the nation   >>   Right education escorts to Right Living   >>   We care we share for the future we prepare.

We are extremely happy and thankful to our Donors in coming forward to help us and become part of Swasthgram’s Mission – “Combat Covid-19”. Your donation has helped us to get one step closer to achieving our goal. Your generous support encourages our continued commitment to work day in and out in the direction fighting this fatal disease CORONA.



1Ms. Kamla RawatDelhi Jal Board, Lajpat Nagar2Mr. Kartar SinghAyanagar, New Delhi
3Mr. SukhbirGhitorni, Delhi4Mr. Umadat SarmaGhitorni, Delhi
5Mr. Kartar SinghGhitorni, Delhi6Mr. VedpalAyanagar,New Delhi
7Anonymous DonorGhitorni, Delhi8Mr. Satish LohiaGhitorni, Delhi
9Adesh LohiyaDakshinpuri, Delhi10Mr. Rajender LohiaGhitorni, Delhi
11Mr. Jitendra JhaGhitorni, Delhi12Mr. Baleshwar LohiaGhitorni, Delhi
13Mr. Dharmendra LohiaGhitorni, Delhi14Mr. MamchandGhitorni, Delhi
15Mr. Imran KhanGhitorni, Delhi16Mr. SatbirGhitorni, Delhi
17Mr. Sagar LohiaGhitorni,Delhi18Mr. Lalit lohiaGhitorni, Delhi
19Mr. Virender LohiaGhitorni, Delhi20Mr. Suresh JeeLajpath Nagar, Delhi
21Hare Krishna FuelGhitorni, Delhi22Mr. Naveen JainRohtak, Haryana
23Vickey RamGhitorni, Delhi24Mr. Piyush BhatnagarChitra Vihar,,Delhi
25Mr. AnandGhitorni, Delhi26Mr. S ManhasKaushambi, Delhi
27Mr. PankajGhitorni, Delhi28Ms. Shivani YadavDelhi
29Mr. SunnyGhitorni, Delhi30Ms. Mini JainBangalore
31Mr. AjitGhitorni, Delhi32Mr. Daniel RuthU S A
33Miss. BabitaGhitorni, Delhi34Mr. Pawan YadavDwarka, Delhi
35Mr. Kamal ChopraRajkumar, Service Station, New Delhi36Ms. Srishti BhardwajPune
37Mr. MukeshAyanagar, Delhi38Mr. SurajGurgaon , Haryana
39Mr.Manish BhatiaAyanagar, Delhi40Mr. RavipalPandav Nagar, Delhi
41Krishna Medical StoreAyanagar, Delhi42Ms. AmrutaWest Bengal
43Welcome HealthcareAyanagar, Delhi44Mr. Puneet AggarwalDelhi, Gurugram
45Kirana Store next to Hunny BunnyGhitorni, Delhi46DonorUSA
47Mr. SushilGhitorni, Delhi48Ms. Sabina ParsadFleet, UK
49Mr Nitin KasanaGhitorni, Delhi50Mr. Ankur BhatnagarFleet, UK
51Mr. RajuGhitorni, Delhi52Mr. Aman BhatnagarU S A
53Mr. Satish LohiyaGhitorni, Delhi54Mr. Anil KumarAGCR Enclave, Delhi
55Mr. Shree PalGhitorni, Delhi56Ms. Barkha KaurFarmborough,  UK
57Mr. Prem Singh SubedarGhitorni, Delhi58Mr. Ankur BhatnagarFleet, UK
59Ms. IndraGhitorni, Delhi60Mr. S VenkatNoida Campus, Lucknow
61Mr. BhagatGhitorni, Delhi62Mr. Vivek NegiDelhi
63Mr. LakruGhitorni, Delhi64Mr. Vikash RangaBangalore
65Mehrauli ThanaMehrauli, Delhi66Mr. Ashutosh ChaudharySultanpur, Delhi
67Miss. HarshaSukhdev Vihar, Delhi68Mr. Amit BhatnagarDelhi
69Mr. AshokGhitorni, Delhi70Mr. VisheshRohtak, Haryana
71Mr. Surendra (SI)Palam Village, Dwarka, New Delhi72Mr. Amit RohillaRohtak, Haryana
73Mr. Choudhary RampalGhitorni, Delhi74Mrs. Prem BhatnagarVasant Kunj, Delhi
75Mr. Om PrakashPandav Nagar, Delhi76Mr. Kartar SinghHarijan Basti, Ayanagar, Delhi
77Mr. NandaRail Vihar, Gurugram78Mr. Shree PrakashKendriye Vihar, Gurugram
79Ms. RakshitaSector-15, Gurugram80Mr. RajkumarDuggal Complex, Khanpur, Delhi
81Mr. PrahladDuggal Complex, Khanpur, Delhi82Mr. YogeshGhitorni, Delhi
83Mr. RajendraGhitorni, Delhi84Mr. Lalit LohiaAyanagar, Delhi
85Mr. SureshJal Vihar, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi86Mr. KamalGhitorni, Delhi
87Mr. Raj SinghAyanagar, Delhi88Mr. SurendraAyanagar, Delhi
89Manoj Jain, MLA BJPDaryaganj, Delhi90 Mr. Nilin JainDaryaganj, Delhi
91Mr. KhandelwalAquatech Institute, Ghitorni92 Mr. Satendra GurjarGhitorni, Delhi
93Mr. Sanjay PradhanGhitorni, Delhi94 Mr. Guniyar MaanManesar, Gurgaon
95Mr.Deelip SHOPolice Station, Fatehpur Beri, Aaya Nagar, Delhi96Ms. Yashvi BhatnagarGurgaon, Hariyana
97Mr. Pardhan JiNear CMR Building, Ghitorni, New Delhi98Mr. Anuj JainGhaziabad,UP
99Mr.Kamal LohiaGhirika Kuwa, Ghitorni, Delhi100Mr. Rahul KumarCMR Building, Ghitorni, New Delhi
101Mr. DineshDhankot, Haryana102Mr. Parida (CHM)Chankya Puri, Bapu Dham, New Delhi
103Mr. R K GuptaChankya Puri, Bapu Dham, New Delhi104Mr. SurendraHare Krishna Petrol Pump, Ghitorni, New Delhi
105Mr.YogeshBabupur, Gurugram, Haryana106Anonymous Donor16 Cariappa Marg, Kirby Place , Delhi Cantt, New Delhi
107Mr. KamleshBhim Basti, Ayanagar, New Delhi108Mr. SunilGhitorni, New Delhi
109Ms. Meenakshi vermaRaj nagar, Gaziabad, UP110Ms. Neeru khuranaDilshad garden, Delhi
111Mr. Manoj Tomar (SP)Pocket-9, Police Station, Basant Kunj, Delhi112Dr. AfzalAmbedkar Basti, Bhati mohalla, Ghitorni, Delhi
113Dr. SimarnMohalla clinic, Lado Sarai , Maidan garhi114Mr. AshokGhitorni, New Delhi
115Mr. SurendraGhitorni, New Delhi116Ms. ShobhaGhitorni, New Delhi
117Mr. KundanGhitorni, New Delhi118Mr.ArunGhitorni, New Delhi
119Mr. PrinceGhitorni, New Delhi120Mr. RahulGhitorni, New Delhi
121Mr. Sunny RajGhitorni, New Delhi122Mr. PawanGhitorni, New Delhi
123Ms. PoonamGhitorni, New Delhi124Mr. ChhotuGhitorni, New Delhi
125Mr.vedpalCouncillor House, Ayanagar126Mr. Praveen DagarMaidan Garhi, Delhi
127Mr. GoluMaidan Garhi, Delhi128Mr.Mahabir Singh DagarMaidan Garhi, Delhi
129Mr. Tomar JiPocket-9, Police Station, Basant kunj130Ms. Minakshi (sarpanch)Dharmpur, Sector- 108, Gurugram, Haryana
131Mr Salil BhatnagarVasant Kunj, New Delhi

Many more Anonymous Donor

Combat Covid-19 -Sanitization
Current evidence suggests that novel Corona Virus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is the best measure in practice for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.

Considering the present situation of the pandemic at high-risk, to carry out a thorough cleaning and disinfection of all areas – homes, apartments, fuel stations, police stations, banks, market places and other open public places is inevitable and should be forced as mandatory act to prevent COVID 19. It is aimed at limiting the survival of the virus in the environment. This is to prevent unsuspecting persons from being exposed to those surfaces.

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