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Health is real wealth.   >>   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   >>   Before thirty, men seek disease; after thirty, disease seeks men.   >>   A healthy family is sacred territory   >>   Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.   >>   Enhancing wellbeing to live with dignity…its beyond generating income...   >>   Better education improves the nation   >>   Right education escorts to Right Living   >>   We care we share for the future we prepare.

Generating Livelihood by developing required skill & enhancing their wellbeing. Empowered by the unshakeable commitment of Swasthgram towards transforming India’s rural healthcare ecosystem, Swasthgram is preparing a skilled brigade of Swasthsaathis & Swasthrakshak who are making inroads towards providing health for all.

Skilled Manpower

“Skilled Manpower” is required to provide service through disruptive technology to the most common man. Swasthgram has created a platform Saksham program.

Drawn from the pool of underserved population, the skill development program polishes and prepares deprived youth with equal opportunity. Swasthrakshak understand the ground challenges and are able to imbibe the promise of transforming & preserving rural lives while gaining livelihoods. We focus on inculcating working attitude with right skills in our youth so that they provide service with high quality standards to our country.


Due to the sheer dedication towards a clear mission, swasthgram in its brief journey so far has been able to reach out to 2500 youth and provided medical jobs to 1050 students. Swasthgram has taken up the mission of serving 95 crore population in India at their doorsteps and to reach this goal in next 5 years, we intend to create 5 lacs employment of lab technicians across India under Saksham Program.

Swasthgram is proud of its Saksham Swasthrakshaks who have sacrificed their families & personal commitments to work hard, day & night for the noble cause of medical relief camps at the times of natural disaster in Uttarakhand, Nepal & kerala in past few years.

The road is long and the journey steep but Swasthgram’s vision to reality is a promise to keep.

“Swasthsaathi Hum Swasthgram ke Swasthmanthan layenge
pahuchenge Jan Jan tak Swasth Bharat manayenge”

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